The world of Lilly Zeligman

Lilly Zeligman is a jeweler with a unique sense of beauty and style. Her flawless sense of color combinations, proportions and materials are the experience of many years of experience, but much of the very sincerity and love for jewelry. "Jewels are my world," says Lilly, "and I want to welcome my jewelry people into that world."

Striking about Lilly's exclusive jewelery creations is that they seem to breathe, seem to have a heartbeat; they live. The originality of her inspiring creations makes a visit to the boutique in Oisterwijk a sensory experience. The light and open atmosphere of space is also a parallel universe; a self-created safe place far away from the hurried outside world.
Lilly is an intuitive professional with the greatest care and skill; a very personal process. Each individual jewel is an expression of Lilly's passion, a reflection of her know-how and an example of her eye for detail. From the moment of a new jewel of a best and jewel, Lilly brings the pieces to life.

Lilly invites with her creations from fantasy and préfiction to give free rein; to rule beauty and create a new world. To do originality with innovative jewelery on the cutting edge of craft and art.
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