Restyling old jewelry

Lilly Zeligman is a jeweler with a unique sense of beauty and style. Her flawless sense of color combinations, proportions and materials are the result of many years of experience, but above all of a sincere and deep love for jewelry. “Jewelry is my world,” Lilly says, “and I want to welcome people into that world with my creations.”

Intuitive professional
Most striking about the exclusive jewelry creations is that they seem to breathe, seem to have a heartbeat; Lilly’s jewelry lives. The originality of her inspiring creations makes a visit to the boutique in Oisterwijk, a sensory experience. Whoever crosses the threshold enters a parallel universe in which fantasy and creativity create a playful atmosphere that both stimulates and reassures; it is Lilly's self-created safe place far away from the hurried outside world, a place she likes to share with like-minded people.

Spontaneous beauty
Beauty is all around us. It is hidden in many things and only needs to be discovered. Lilly finds beauty by opening her eyes, heart and soul. In this way, the intuitive professional often selects colorful gems for the unique jewelry created by the best goldsmiths with the utmost care, dedication and skill. “I fall in love with a stone, on a color and then my imagination runs wild,” says Lilly about the very personal ‘birth’ of a jewel.
“The creation of a piece of jewelry is a quest. I never really know what I'm looking for until I've found it,” says Lilly. “And once I've found it, I just won’t let it go.’ Each individual jewel is a spontaneous expression of Lilly's passion, a reflection of her know-how and an example of her eye for detail. Moreover, Lilly's method guarantees uniqueness: “I do not work according to a fixed pattern or a standard formula, and that is what makes my work so challenging and my collection surprising.”

Original fantasy
With her creations Lilly invites you to give free rein to imagination and fantasy; to let beauty rule and create a new world. It’s Lilly’s goal to let originality shine with innovative jewelry on the cutting edge of craft and art. Whether it's a new jewel or a re-composition of an existing piece of jewelry, Lilly brings the pieces to life. The reward is her deepest motivation: “I do it for the glint in the eyes of a satisfied customer, the warm embrace that sometimes follows. It is that sincere joy that melts my heart.”